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Electricity, Water and Utilities

Notice to Ausgrid members: Limited Operating Currency Requirements & Disciplinary Outcomes

Peter Moss - Tuesday, February 12, 2019
12 February 2019

It has come to the attention of the ETU that members are being asked to perform limited operating duties such as replacing LV fuses without Ausgrid being able to confirm their 2B limited operating competency in accordance with the Electrical Safety Rules. Such instances have resulted in disciplinary outcomes which members have been subjected to and which the ETU have represent them in.

The ETU have requested of Ausgrid a list of all people who have competency in accordance with the ERS’s but Ausgrid management at Ourimbah have as yet been unable to provide this list. Furthermore, a safety alert has been submitted by a member associated with this issue which Ausgrid have failed to publicise or produce. It appears Ausgrid do not even know who has competency and who has not and may have failed to keep people up to date in accordance with the Ausgrid Safety Rules.

Members should be aware of the following requirements of Ausgrid’s Electrical Safety Rules;

Branch Managers must make sure that restricted operators (other than a limited Class 1) use their skills at least four times a year (i.e. once per quarter) to maintain competency. Employees with a limited Class 1 operating authority must use their skills at least ten times a year to maintain competency.

The ETU recommends that all members with Limited Operating qualifications not participate in any limited operating duties unless members have documented evidence from Ausgrid that they have satisfied the above criteria. This safety precaution should remain in place until members are advised by Ausgrid of their verified competency and / or Ausgrid ensures that the competency criteria are satisfied for the individual.

Rory Fletcher Acting Organiser;
Organiser Mark Buttigieg will be on special duties running the ETU’s anti-privatisation campaign. I will be acting Ausgrid Organiser in his absence.

In unity

Rory Fletcher
Acting ETU organiser
0402 919 537 roryf@etunsw.com.au