General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

The Offer You've Been Waiting 3 Years For!

- Monday, March 05, 2018

The offer you’ve been waiting 3 years for!

  • BlueScope proposed Introduction of Change Clause
  • BlueScope proposed Retention of Rate Clause
  • BlueScope proposed Part-Time Clause
  • Changes to Individual Flexibility Clause to support Job Share and Transition to Retirement
  • Additional 1% bonus if absenteeism drops below 4%
  • 4-year Agreement with 2% pay rise per year
  • One EA to cover Steelworks and Springhill

The AWU, AMWU and ETU ended the meeting when this offer was put forward.

Whilst we appreciate this is only the first offer made by BlueScope, the offer does nothing to address your claims!

2% is by no means a fair and reasonable pay rise given the sacrifices members have made.

A 1% possible bonus increase is way off the mark when compared to the bonuses Bluescope management receive. You should note that no concern was raised over the cost of relining the Blast Furnace when management bonuses were paid.

Part-Time provisions – We are having enough problems currently with Labour Hire and Fixed Term Employment.

You will receive another message shortly which will allow you to reject this subpar offer and send us back to negotiations next week to refocus the company on your claims.

In Unity,
Brad Currey
ETU Organiser
- 0431 838 852 /