Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Victorian OTIS Victory

- Friday, December 19, 2014

After a long fought campaign Victorian Otis workers, who held the line and fought back against Otis’ lock-out, have broken through and achieved a significant win.

An in-principle offer was put to a mass meeting of Otis members on Wednesday and was voted up. This is a fantastic win for Otis workers, and for other workers in the industry who will be negotiating their own wages and conditions in the coming months.

The breakthrough came after 11th hour negotiations on Tuesday that led to a number of concessions by Otis. The in-principle offer includes:

  • A 3 1/2 year Agreement
  • 4% wage increases over the life of the Agreement
  • Income Protection for the first time
  • Increased daily fares and travel allowance
  • Construction allowances increased to above industry standards
  • Minimum site allowances on all projects

Our congratulations go out to our Victorian brothers and sisters.

The Victorian Branch has extended a sincerely thanks to the ETU National Office and interstate branches for their support during this dispute.