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Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

$7000 back pay for apprentice after NECA's gets it wrong

Angela Lordan - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apprentice Craig Stewart received almost $7,000 in backpay after his employer relied on incorrect advice from employer group NECA.

Craig served the third year of his electrical apprenticeship in 2012, but was paid at the second-year rate by Electrical Board Makers.

The St Marys-based company froze the young worker’s pay after he failed two TAFE subjects.

Electrical Board Makers underpaid the ETU member for a full year, leaving him on an hourly rate of approximately $12, when he was legally entitled to around $16.

The firm deflected Craig’s attempts to rectify the underpayment, only to cave in at the 11th hour when the ETU and Fair Work Australia got involved.

Company director David Merrick admitted Electrical Board Makers had erred but blamed bad advice from NECA.

‘NECA has changed the advice given to us earlier regarding competency based progression of apprentices,’ Merrick admitted in an email to organiser Stewart Edward on 4 February.

NECA – the National Electrical and Communications Association – is the peak employer body for electrical contracting companies.

Craig Stewart is now happy in a new job with another electrical firm, but he remains bitter about his treatment.

He says the company was well aware of ongoing abuse in its workshop that forced him to seek medical help for anxiety and depression. The abuse severely hampered Craig’s ability to study and at one stage left him feeling suicidal.

He made written complaints and was supported by the ETU, but the problem continued.

Craig said the ETU was ‘absolutely brilliant’ in achieving the $7,000 backpay.

‘The first thing any apprentice should do is sign up with the union. That is a big lesson that I learned.’

ETU organiser Stewart Edward slammed NECA for advising Craig’s employer that his pay could be frozen.
‘It’s a massive fail from the peak employer body. They owe Craig and the company an apology.’

‘This was resolved on the eve of a scheduled Fair Work mediation. The young man was put through a year of unnecessary stress,’ said Stewart.

ETU Provides Journey Cover Insurance for Members

Angela Lordan - Monday, April 15, 2013

The ETU now provides Journey Cover Insurance for all financial members in NSW and the ACT.

This means that you are covered by ETU insurance if you are injured or have an accident travelling to or from work.

The union introduced Journey Cover Insurance in February after savage cuts to workers compensation left members exposed.

Last year the O’Farrell Government abolished journey cover for most NSW workers.

That is why the ETU has stepped up. We must ensure our members are protected from potentially catastrophic health and financial damage. We are now one of just a few unions to offer journey cover to all financial members as an automatic right at no extra cost.

Any member injured while travelling to or from work after 11 February 2013 is now covered and the benefits are generous.

  • Eligible injured members will receive 100 percent of wages up to $2,000 per week for the period they are unable to work due to injury.
  • Cover is available starting 14 days after the accident or injury.

To make a claim contact the ETU. The union will give you a claim number. for further details about this new benefit visit our Industrial Support Pages.

Working In The Heat

Bruce Fan - Saturday, January 05, 2013

ETU members should be aware of the dangers of working in heat. Please read this and follow the advice provided by the Union and Workcover NSW.
Saftwork NSW Hot and Cold Environments.
Safework NSW Working in Extreme Heat.

Please read this ETU Notice to Members which includes advice from the union and the ETU's working in heat policy.