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Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

NECA caught out under paying apprentices, AGAIN!

- Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NECA, the National Electrical Contractor's Association has once again been uncovered paying apprentices less than what's applicable in the host employers Enterprise Agreement.

It came to light just before Christmas and has been going on for months. This time it's at host employer FDC Technologies where apprentices who are employed by NECA are being paid substantially less than those from Electrogroup and My Gateway who are being paid the rates in the FDC Enterprise Agreement.

The difference in rates is up to 25%.

Despite numerous attempts by the apprentices to have NECA address the issue, they have refused, blaming FDC instead. As one tradesmen at FDC Technologies said, "It's just plain mean, especially at Christmas time!".

Organiser Stewart Edward said, "The ETU is calling on NECA to amend the rates immediately and back pay the apprentices in line with My Gateway and Electro Group."

"It's time NECA showed some leadership and Christmas spirit rather than acting the Grinch!".