Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Kone Put Revised Offer On The Table

- Thursday, July 18, 2013

Correspondence from KONE management to the union:

Please be advised KONE agree in principle to our Employees revised claim for a 17% wage increase over the proposed period with an expiry date of the Agreement being March 2017.
This acceptance is based upon the following dates for the incremental wage increases being applied:

  • 2% 1st July 2013
  • 2% 1st December 2013
  • 2% 1st July 2014
  • 2% 1st December 2014
  • 2% 1st July 2015
  • 2% 1st December 2015
  • 3% 1st July 2016
  • 2% 1st January 2017

These increases will also be applied to the allowances as noted in our previous offer.
Any further changes to the above nominated percentages and dates will result in this offer being withdrawn by KONE.
We believe we have now reached a point in negotiations whereby outcomes should be resolved by secret ballot conducted by the Union or other nominated party, and all current and planned industrial action cease as of the start of shift Friday.