Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

Electrical Contracting, Service Industry and Equipment Technicians

FIP members: VOTE NO to company’s non-union EBA, VOTE YES to protected action

Peter Moss - Thursday, January 23, 2020

FIP Electrical Workers:


VOTE YES in Protected Action Ballot! 


VOTE NO to sub-standard non-union EBA!


Don’t let the company undercut your wages and conditions – make sure you vote in two vital ballots over the next week!


1. VOTE YES TO ENDORSE PROTECTED INDUSTRIAL ACTION: Ballot papers have been mailed to your home. Please vote immediately and VOTE YES TO ALL ACTIONS. A high YES vote will tell the company we are serious and determined to get an EBA that meets industry standards.


2. VOTE NO TO THE COMPANY’S SUB-STANDARD NON-UNION AGREEMENT: This was emailed to you by management on 20 January with electronic voting scheduled for Saturday 1 February. This proposed EBA IS NOT ENDORSED BY THE UNION. It is an inferior agreement that could cost new employees up to $2,000 over six months.


The ETU has been negotiating with FIP for well over 12 months seeking significant improvement to members’ wages and conditions. At least 15 other contractors have signed up to union EBAs in that time, including FIP’s major competitors, setting a new industry standard.


You deserve the same rights & conditions as workers on union EBAs 


The 15 union EBA companies are:

1. Star
2. Heyday
3. Fredon
4. Stowe
5. Goldline
6. Utech Sydney
7. SDF
8. ABI Services
9. Perigon
10. Nilsen
11. Grid
12. NCI
13. Dynamite
14. RSGX
15. NxGen


Plus City Electrical votes on union EBA 31 January


But FIP refuses to listen to or respect the company’s hard-working highly-skilled employees. Instead management is trying to ram through a document that would leave FIP employees worse off compared to workers employed by other Tier 1 electrical contractors.


FIP’s non-union EBA fails to meet industry standards, leaves workers exposed


The FIP document fails to meet industry standards in many areas:

• Company can sub-contract electrical work including cable tray, ladder and ducting installation without consultation
• Company can force workers to supply thumbprints for identification
• New or rehired workers will be denied MERT redundancy payments for up to six months, leaving them up to $2,000 out of pocket
• New or rehired workers will not be covered by ‘top-up’ income protection insurance for up to six months
• Delegate rights watered down
• No financial support for industry drug and alcohol programsand 
• Weaker protections against stand downs during inclement weather.


I urge all ETU members to VOTE YES in the Protected Action Ballot mailed to your home.


VOTE NO to the company’s sub-standard EBA that could cost some workers up to $2,000.


Let’s stick together until we win the industry standard wages and conditions we deserve.


In unity


Justin Page,

Secretary, ETU NSW & ACT


Fred Barbin, construction organiser

fredb@etunsw.com.au 0437 031 840